August 9th, 2014 TSPC and the Calpians will be holding their annual Bad Mother Open Championships!

The event will be all day long as usual from 8:30am for the first weigh-ins until the big boys are done lifting and awards are handed out! I’m going to estimate like 9pm at the latest!

Don’t forget there are many different fun and crazy awards at this meet so not only can you win your weight class but you could win the BAD MOTHER AWARD and/or many others!

Also we will be going back to the old school days of having this meet outside in the gorgeous weather that Washington state has to offer during the summer so come prepared to be outdoors all day long


If you have any questions please feel free to ask on this event page and invite any and all that would be interested!

Thanks and see you all in a couple months! !



Ok weightlifting enthusiasts, we know this is pretty short notice, but Thrush Sports Performance Center has decided to throw another meet this coming up February! The 2014 BIG MOUNTAIN SENIOR & JUNIOR OPEN WEIGHTLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held on February 22nd, 2014! That is just a sort 4 weeks from now so PLEASE get your entry blanks in ASAP! Read carefully as we have made some changes to the start list in comparison to our last few meets i.e. weight class changes and times! We look forward to seeing everyone there!


62174_10101839210389538_1426465272_nAlso dont forget to send your good luck vibes and wishes to junior lifter Daniel Wiitanen and Coach John Thrush as they head out to the Junior Nationals next weekend where is prime and looking to hit some serious weights!

Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting Certification Clinic

Just a reminder to let those interested know that Thrush Sports Performance Center is hosting a USAW Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting Certification Clinic the weekend of February 8th-9th at Our training facility in Sumner, Washington. Registration is open now at Usaweightlifting.org Register early because space is limited. Hope to see all of you new coaches attending!


2013 American Opens

4 Calpians will be competing in the 2013 American Opens coming up December 5th-9th. Lets wish them all a huge good luck and pray for save travels and great lifting!  I know they will all appreciate all of your support and thanks! Here is a list of each Calpian and when they are scheduled to lift incase you want to watch them on the live feed! Remember Dallas, Texas is 2 hours ahead of Washington state!


Paula Arand: as a 58kg 0r 63kg lifter she got lucky and both lift at the same time so saturday night at 730pm (530pm our time)


Ryan Reiss: 85kg lifter will lift friday night at 6pm (4pm our time)


Jeff Serven: 94kg lifter will lift friday at 330pm (130pm our time)


Trique Meininger: 77kg lifter will lift saturday morning at 10am (8am our time)


2014 Chris Dariotis Memorial Weightlifting Championships Jan. 4th, 2014

Next up for the Calpians and Thrush Sports Performance Center weightlifting meets is the Annual Chris Dariotis Memorial Weightlifting Championships!  This meet will be held on Jan, 4th, 2014 so lets get the NEW YEAR started off with a big bang! We usually get a group/team from Canada that travels down to compete which makes it all the more exciting! Here is the entry blank and we look forward to seeing everyone again!


Robbie Arroyo with a Masters National Record Snatch of 122kg at 85kg weight class!

robbie 122kg snatch



October 19th is getting close and that means its time for the annual 2013 WASHINGTON OPEN WEIGHTLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS! This will be the 77th year of this meet which makes it one of the oldest continually happening meets in the country! I will be posting the entry blank here and on our website! Invite anyone you want and we look forward to yet another great weightlifting meet! Ask any questions here and we will see you soon!



The 2013 Bad Mother Open is in the record books with the biggest attendance ever!!   Sixty-four athletes came together to do battle with the iron on Saturday, August 24th at Thrush Sports Performance in Sumner, Washington.  The meet was filled with many fine performances, such  as Junior Best Lifter 17 year old  Daniel Wiitanen’s excellent 141 Kgs. C&J done having had football practice just prior to the meet that morning.  This Calpian lifter has just traveled internationally as a member of the previous two United States World Youth Championship teams.  Also a highlight was the terrific Calpian Master lifter Robert Arroyo who established a new national standard in the snatch of 122 Kgs. at the young age of 46.  Robert recently proudly represented the Calpian WLC and the United States in winning the Pan American Championships in Chicago.  Weightlifting in the Northwest is on the upswing and Thrush Sports Performance is very happy to be part of bringing this wonderful sport to a larger audience.  Happily, the Crossfit phenomenon is sparking the interest in weightlifting as athletes look for ways to improve technique.  This seems to lead them invariably to competition and greater appreciation and growth in our sport.  We openly welcome all these new competitors and look forward to many excellent competitions like the Bad Mother.  By way of information to file away, next year will be the 20th anniversary of the Bad Mother, and we are hoping, and planning, to return the meet to the outdoors like the originals.  Please plan to be part of this historical, nationally known competition!!!!!!!