A New Cycle

When I (Fletcher) am trying to decide what to post on this blog, I often have come to this awkward internal struggle. One half of me wants to stay positive, tell everyone about the subtle things that are going right for us. The gym is looking good, the bars are in decent shape (Thanks to Don’s handy work), my pull technique is slowly getting better, and we aren’t dead. That being said, I have another side of me (a much larger side) that wants to just piss and moan about the work I’m putting into this and not seeing much of a return. My hands are falling apart, Trique hurt his back, my technique is still horribly inconsistent, and Leonard is still attempting to fix his jerks and has been working his A$% off with not a whole lot of success yet. But when I really think about it, all of these things are only such a small portion of the big picture. I spend three, maybe four hours a day in our gym (not lifting the whole time, but I’m there none the less). That’s not even 1/6 of my day at the very longest. Even though I complain about that 1/6 the most, it’s everything else that is stopping me from being great. I eat like crap, don’t take ice or cold baths (I’ve taken one in my entire life), I don’t sand my callouses well enough, or put lotion on my hands before I go to bed. I don’t make sure I get enough sleep, I don’t drink enough water, I don’t stretch after I lift, and I don’t roll out my body nearly as much as I should. I can make a list ten miles long of the stuff I don’t do well.

My friend Terry Beers has been trying to get me to do something for the last few days, and that is create a list of positive things about my lifting. It is a difficult task. As I develop it I immediately turn to the negative and forget the purpose of the exercise. My goal is to cut out the bad crap, by building on the list of good. The next few months will be critical if I want to break that 300kg total and finally start making a push to be good at this sport at all. If we can just stay positive, as a team.

I’ll keep everyone posted on how the team is doing, and we will let everyone know who we plan on taking to the American Open, and who will compete and which classes as it gets closer.

“Beware the fury of a patient man.”


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