The Road to Building Champions

In a sport that pushes everyone to the limit, both physically and mentally, it is important to have a system of motivators to keep us moving in the right direction. The Calpian Weightlifting Club is currently making a big push to become as successful as it once was and it needs to utilize every tool it has in its arsenol. This blog is a way for our athletes to keep up-to-date, share important information, and motivate each other and other lifters to succeed. Starting now, this blog will be dedicated to focusing on the American Open competition this year and the training leading up to the event. We are all badly broken down, beaten up, or downright injured and we are going to have to work together to succeed.

Remember, “Beware the fury of a patient man.”


3 thoughts on “The Road to Building Champions

  1. One good thing to do would be build team unity by including all team members to the extent possible in the blog. First agenda item: change the motto to “Beware the fury of a patient (wo)man!” Lately, you gotta admit the women Calpians have been very successful. And include the Masters lifters too. LOL Joe Quinn

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