The Weighting Game

Like what I did there? I used the word “weight” instead of “wait.”

The Calpians next meet is only a week away. We are all broken down and have been training hard to push ourselves to new limits. However, while doing this, many lifters tend to allow their body weight to fluctuate and exceed the limit of their weight classes. This is beneficial in training because learner people are able to hold a few extra pounds of muscle on their frame which help them make better lifts, it aids in recovery, and a bunch of other positive benefits. For someone like me though, (Fletcher) it is just a constant reminder that I’m am soggy and I have a long way to go until I am a truly competitive lifter. That being said, my body weight is currently at 244lbs and I have to get down to the 105kg weight class (231lbs) by next Saturday for the Freak Show competition in Aberdeen.

Starting this weekend I’m going to be eating as lean as I can, probably a Paleo type diet, and I’m going to be as active as I physically can. Plus the last few days I’m going to try the whole watershed technique in which you drink like two gallons of water a day for three days straight and then drink very little on the last day and you pee a ton of water out. Fun stuff. Hopefully I won’t kill my strength by doing this. Wish me luck!

Freak Show Goals: Snatch 130kg and C+J 165kg. They are lofty, but I think they are attainable.


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