New Faces!

At the Freak Show this weekend we saw a bunch of new lifters putting up some great numbers and bringing a fantastic new energy to our tight nit weightlifting community. An exceptionally fun group came down from Seattle University and hit some great numbers, we hope to see Miles and David both back on the platform soon. If you haven’t already, check out their website I especially love their epic meals link. I’m sure the heavyweight lifters will appreciate their page, and the lighter guys will hate themselves for having to maintain bodyweight, once they see the awesome burgers and other random goodies we big fellas get to tackle!

Thanks again to everyone who showed up and made this a great meet! All of you crossfitters, powerlifters, strongmen, and new olympic lifters, feel free to come to our next meet May 19th and check out the greatness that is Olympic Style Weightlifting!

Contact us if you are interested in getting your own lifting career off the ground, or have any article ideas/questions for John Thrush, our Level 5 Olympic Lifting Coach/Godfather.


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