Perfect Your Technique

We are currently looking for individuals who want to improve their Olympic style weightlifting technique. Possible added gym hours are being discussed, sometime between 8am and 2pm, Monday thru Friday. We would like groups of five to ten members in order to ensure as much one-on-one time with the coach (Trique Meininger) and personalized attention. Depending on the situation, you may train here at Thrush Sports Performance Center or we can arrange for coaches to meet with large enough groups (10 or more), within a reasonable distance.

Our introductory price will be $25 an hour (session) per person with a minimum of 5 athletes per group for this low low price to be effective for the coach , due to the fact that this is a new service we are providing for local athletes. Prices may increase as popularity and demand rise.


Trique Meininger is currently an assistant coach at TSPC and has been working with John Thrush for nearly 13 years. He has been an elite national level competitor in Olympic Style Weightlifting since he was 15 years old and has placed in the top five at Nationals and the American Open multiple times in his weight class. He was also a state wrestling champion in high school and wrestled in college for five years.

Here is a short video of Trique Clean and Jerking 151kg as a 77 kilo lifter. Check out his page for other videos.

To contact us about this opportunity, please email us at or comment on the website.

Other Calpians may make appearances and different workouts, depending on availability.


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