Spectacular Lifting at TSPC today!!!

Today was a perfect day for training! Everyone hit some great numbers! Aaron French snatched a PR 95kgs! Fletcher and leonard worked up to some might 200kg+ back squats! Trique did a great rack jerk of 142.5kgs  and double front squats with 160kgs (all semi easy lifts but stopped so he doesnt push too hard too soon and re-injure his back again)! Sarah attempted a PR snatch but couldnt quite stick it…looked light off the ground but she will hit it and more soon! Chris Heinig gets our feature video today with a solid looking 130kg snatch in preparation for our May 19th meet..he will be competing as an 85kg lifter but will be a 77kg lifter come The American Opens! All in all a very grat day of lifting at TSPC! We also had a 14 year old 40kg Lifter Mason White do a double body weight Back Squat today! Thats a huge feat…WAY TO GO MASON…next time we will have to make sure and get video of that!!!



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