Rebounding and Rebuilding

Thank you everyone who came out and supported the Calpians and all of the other lifters at the Weightlifting Def Jam last weekend. We are hoping to get some video from the meet and get it on the site as soon as possible, but our guy who was recording (Andrew) took off to Florida for two weeks. If he has good footage when he returns, I’ll make sure to post it. If not, I will be sure to take footage at the next meet like I did with the Freak Show and post it ASAP. I also want to start a results page with the top lifters in each class. Still trying to decide if I want to do just the winner of each class, top three, or just post all of the totals. I would love to list everyone, but that may become a bit tedious. I would also like to thank the guys at Lift Big Eat Big for the awesome T-shirts, for supporting our sport, and just being awesome. You should check out their site if you haven’t already ( I would also like to let everyone know that I will be updating the page with upcoming events shortly, as soon as I have the dates and information from John.

Calpian Men 77s

All Women session




Here also is a video of first time competitor Michael Johnson…he created this video himself ater the comp so I ( Trique) thought it would be great to post on here as well! Again great job on your first Comp Michael!

Another BS article is also on the way, and is going to be posted shortly. This one is going to be a little bit different, so I hope you all enjoy the rants of our anonymous BS’er.

Now that the competition is over, it’s time to start looking forward to new challenges. Some of us are still focusing on building for the American Open, some of us for  the Bad Mother, and other for the SeaFest in Canada. No matter when your next meet is, you probably have a pretty gruelling training cycle ahead of yourself. Make sure you push hard, because I for one am ready to hit some big lifts in these next few months (Going up to 105+!) and I’m sure you are too. Eat healthy, eat tons, work hard, and kick ass people! We’ve got to get Washington state on the map as a serious lifting state again!

Good luck!



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