Trique Rack Jerks 152.5kgs at 78.2kg Body Weight

Trique is definitely starting to feel the benefits of lots of rest and recovery from injuring his low back and tailbone…every week hes making more and more progress back to his elite lifting self! Here is a video of him doing a 152.5 kg rack jerk which is much much more solid than his 150kg rack jerk we posted on here from a week ago…stay tuned for bigger numbers to keep on coming…remember every single kilo counts!!! An increase is an increase and all true weightlifters know that!!! I want a 160kg PR rack jerk within the next 2 weeks…thats my goal!!! I also did front squats with 160kgs for 3 sets of 3 to top of the training day…

On another note…most Calpians have been taking the week fairly easy after the Meet and/or have some acute minor injuries! Fletcher has torn his hands to what looks like swiss cheese and just cant do any of the lifts other than squats so thats gonna be a few days of recovery! Chris and Dave are doing a load and go variety of training this week just a 3 day week training session at around what seems to be about 90%


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