Make It a GREAT Day!

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week! Many of us Calpians are fighting thru some body aches and pains! I was just randomly searching the internet and came across this quote/pic and it gave me a great feeling inside! Steve Prefontaine was a man that never gave up in a race…he didn’t care for just settling for a medal…he ran every single race of his life to win and win only! That is how I want to feel and I hope all you do as well! This applies to practice/training as well! So today when you’re at whatever practice you’re doing today and don’t feel 100%, just remember that there’s someone else out there that feels even worse than you and they are giving it all they’ve got everyday, all day!!! Fight thru the pain…fight thru mental fatigue…fight until you win! I know I will be! My goal is a 160kg rack jerk today…my body hurts to just get out of bed…but I guarantee and promise I’m gonna hit the gym like everything feels perfect and push push push!!! Whats your goal for today? I’d love to hear it! Motivate Me more!!!


Written by, Trique while sitting in a tub of ice water preparing for training 🙂


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