You Must be a USAW MEMBER!!!

Due to demand by quite a few people and the fact that it should just be common sense, and that I’ve received quite a few messages about this, I want to make it very clear! At our last meet (the Def Jam Open) many many people were not USAW members! That is not only against all USAW rules and regulations, but could get us in some serious trouble!  This is all just nonsense! Come on people, you should all know that if you want to compete then you need to be not only a member of USAW but also up to date! There is literally no excuse for this if you are a lifter! Login to your membership account on USAW and check your status and if you aren’t up to date then spend the 40 dollars for a year long membership to do so! If you want to compete then you must be active and always carry a copy of your card with you just in case!!!  Sorry if this comes off a bit rude or whatever but the messages about it just keep pouring in on not only the site and facebook but now thru my phone as text messages so hopefully this is loud and clear 🙂

To become a member go here:

Click on MEMBERSHIP and follow the directions!

Thanks for reading and keeping up to date!

Written by, Trique


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