Good and Bad Sequence Shots!

One of TSPC’s lifters (Andrew McCabe) got a new camera so we played around with it all day yesterday in the gym and found the sequence option or whatever its called! Here are just a couple sequence pics of TSPC lifter Trique doing a couple snatches. One is of a missed snatch and one is of a made snatch! See if you can spot where the lift when awry! And if you can then leave a comment about it or just comment for the hell of it cause no one seems to be doing that on here! Quit being lazy folks and “SAY SOMETHING!” No really, if you are all that shy then ok I guess i understand! Anyway Hope you like the pics! Whats cool about these also is that we found a function on the camera that pics up only certain colors you want it to so we took them for that purpose as well and I for one love it!!! As for how our lifting is going at TSPC…everyone seems to be training great right now and make much progress in hopes for an awesome BAD MOTHER CHAMPIONSHIPS MEET! That is everyone, except Fletcher who has been out with an injured wrist and vagina from as far as this guy can tell bahaha!!! Don’t forget to get your BAD MOTHER CHAMPIONSHIPS ENTRY BLANK into us asap! We’ve already started receiving them so I big thanks to those not waiting till last second like the last meet!!! Here are the pics and Make it a Great DAY!!!

112.5kg Snatch Bad Sequence

                          110kg Snatch Good Sequence

Written by, Trique


5 thoughts on “Good and Bad Sequence Shots!

  1. Trique snatches: shoulder flexibility might need some work (shoulders not rotating back enough to support the weight—so the back has to be almost vertical to catch the weight). When the bar is slightly forward, you miss snatches? When you pull the weight and lean back as in the 110 sucessful attempt, you caught it back far enough to make the attempt in spite of not having rotated the shoulders enough. Since the back is almost vertical, you made it. I would work the shoulder flexibility more and do a lot of overhead squats to pre-stretch your shoulders before you do snatches.

    Bill Brian

    • This is correct for sure! However, the reason my shoulder flexibility is not the best anymore is because I’ve had 3 surgeries on my left shoulder and it just never quite got better! The life of a wrestler and Olympic weightlifter at the same time is a rough one! When I look at the pics what I see is that in the 110 snatch I stayed over the bar a little bit longer and that’s why i made it! I actually adjusted for that 112.5 miss and stayed over the bar a little longer and came back and made it no problem! Thanks for the comment and everyday I try to get more flexible but it’s probably gonna take reconstructive surgery for that to happen!!!

  2. On the 112.5 frame 4 shows your center of gravity is already back to far. Your assessment of staying over the bar longer on 110 is cerrtainly the difference. Terry

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