Old Melanie Roach and John Thrush News Segment

Just came across this old but pretty cool video of a news channel that interviewed/did a segment story on Melanie Roach and her one and only Best Coach Ever John Thrush! Its crazy to watch this and see how YOUNG they both were and looked haha! I know I never saw this before so I am sure there are many others that haven’t either! Hope you enjoy the randomness of it!



Melanie has started training 2-3 days a week again so anyone that wants to see a real Olympian in action and train in the same place she does should check us out at TSPC out and get in here!!! She just snatched 60kgs on Tuesday and has only been back for a couple weeks! Pretty Badass for a tiny 48-53 kg body weight mother of 5 I’d say!!!


4 thoughts on “Old Melanie Roach and John Thrush News Segment

  1. What a great vid, really hit a lot a great points, Mel is a true champion, and there is no better coach than John (doc) Thrush. John has also produced a massive amount of coaches which is the key to expanding our sport.

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