Lots of PR’s this Week!!!

This Week at TSPC has been an awesome thus far! There have been several athletes making lots of PR’s! And we all know that any day you PR is a GREAT DAY!!!

First up was Andrew McCabe snatching a 4kg PR with 84kgs and making it look easy! So easy that I had him go for 87.5 which he was more than capable of and in the video you will see what I mean! I have no doubt that in out Bad Mother Championships he is going to hit 90kgs on his 3rd attempt! Here is a quick Video of his snatch day……….

Next up on the same day was Hannah Cunliffe (our resident badass track all-star) Hannah cleaned a PR 72.5kgs which was a 2.5kg PR! Way to go Hannah…now if WE could just get you to go hard and heavy everyday you’d prob out lift most the guys haha

Yesterday (Tuesday) there were 3 more great Pr’s as well!

Beau had 3 straight Clean PR’s with 92.5, 97.5 and then wanted that 100 so bad that I had to give him one shot at it and he nailed it like a Champ! His best clean till the date was only 90kgs (which I posted a video of on here not too long ago) and he just walks in yesterday and makes a HUGE 10kg clean PR! Now thats Badass!!! Way to go and Congrats BEAU!!!

Mason White (One of our youngest lifters at TSPC age 13) had a PR clean of 45 and then 47.5 back to back! Lets just say I was a proud coach 🙂 He attempted both of them half-assed the first time (testing the weight off the ground) but on the second attempt both times he nailed them with ease! Now to just get him from that clarking business and we will be in better business! (Even though I always do the same thing lol)

Video of Mason’s PRs will be among a collective video Andrew is going to out together for me at the end of the week after taking lots of vids and making a week long type training video of the diverse lifters and athletes we have at TSPC!

And finally Sarah Skinner finally hit that 90kg clean! Shes been wanting it and wanting it for a long time now! It was great to see her finally nail it with ease on her first attempt! She begged for 95 but took her progress and PR and move to the next lift! Now all she needs to figure out is that jerk with 90kgs and she will be ready to hit some big weights and what we are all hoping she will do is make her final Junior Worlds Team!!! So wish her continued success!

Sorry I wasn’t able to get any of the video for all these PRs but its been a busy week already!!!

As for everyone else…all the high school athletes have been training very well and making progress! Myself, Fletcher, Dave Rief, Chris Heinig, Ashley Perkovich, Melanie Roach, Jaime Pitre (Heinig to be), and Arron French have all been lifting pretty damn well from what I can tell! Some notes: Chris cleaned 130 and 135kg for doubles yesterday with a 170kg double back squat…the easiest and best hes looked in both lifts in a while so that is Great! Dave snatched 127.5 for a double with relative ease and did a double clean with 155 pretty easily as well and then topped it off with a 200kg double back squat which was the first time hes gone as heavy in a while now he said so all is looking good! I have been struggling with my snatch for a while now and think its finally coming together…I snatched 107.5 for a double and then made 110 and 112.5 for singles no problem but then attempted 114 and just shied away from it…Saturday I want 115-117 so we shall see haha…Fletcher hasn’t been doing anything but squats and pulls for a few weeks now and then came into the gym on Monday and snatched 120 and 125 very nicely before missing 130 a few times but hes strong enough to get 140 in the same position…meaning its all in his head! Melanie clean and jerked 75kgs yesterday (she said it felt tough but it looked fairly effortless to everyone else!)

Hope you enjoy the mid week update and look for more to come soon!

Dont forget to send in your Bad Mother Entry Blanks!!!

Written by, Trique


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