Tri-Wizard Cup and an Awesome day at TSPC

Today was a wonderful rainy day in the home of the Calpians. There was a lot of fun to be had in the Tri-Wizard cup, which now apparently consists of five lifters (although I don’t know Dave and Chris’s exact lifts). Trique initially gave up with a 107.5 kg snatch, but stapped up and eventually got 114 and 140 (Which I’m not counting because he used straps before we clarified whether they were allowed or not ;D). Leonard lifted a solid 125 snatch and 132.5 clean and jerk although he had a ton more in him in the Clean and Jerk. Finally, I (Fletcher) got 125 in the snatch and 155 in the clean and jerk. All this means is we all need to step up our game, but it was a blast getting pumped up and competing against each other again. Oh, and Dave and Chris mopped the floor with us. Dave snatched 132.5 and clean and jerked 160ish? Chris snatched 127.5 I believe, and Clean and Jerked at least 140. Either way, they win overall. The goal of these aren’t to necessarily win on any given day, it is a close race, the goal is to stay geared up and push each other to what we can be and need to be in order to represent the Calpian name at Americans and then Nationals.

Check out the footage from out little duel:


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