Last Heavy Week before the BMO!

So this week has been rough on many of the Calpians and pretty awesome for others! I wont name names because you’ll just have to come out to the Bad Mother Open Championships next Saturday to see for yourself but some of us are set up to make some major breakthroughs and or long time PRs! The long training cycle has reached its end as of this Saturday so we are all going to go as hard as we can before tapering off for the week before the meet and lots of us have the mind and body that need that taper week very badly! Hopefully everyone else is training smart and going to be ready as well from all over, if you are traveling be safe and we look forward to seeing you on the 21st!

I Tried to crop out the “A Novel” part but I couldn’t…either way i like the pic cause its Calpian colors and what it says haha

Counted the entry blanks today at the gym and so far we have 22 entries…that isn’t including a single lifter from our own gym, half of the people on here that have said they are going, and the last minute decision makers or people just entering the day of! So we are def right on track for a big meet next Saturday! Hope everyone gets lots of rest next week and gets a super awesome last heavy training session in this Saturday!!! I estimate we will have 50+ amongst all the weight classes men and women!

Written by, Trique


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