Not Open Monday the 3rd! Also a Mini Update….

Since it is Labor day this week we will not be open this coming up Monday September 3rd!

I know we havent made any posts for awhile but to be honest there hasnt been much to post since the Bad Mother Open! All the Calpians are either nursing injuries are just starting new training programs and working up to new goals for either the October 13th meet or pushing thru that one all the way to the American Opens in December! Many of us are nursing some major injuries that have occurred and others have been in and out of the hospital for health reasons or even surgeries! Its been dead at the gym since the Bad Mother…we are just all trying to either get healthy or maintain staying as healthy as we are right now!
On a bright note though, Ashley Perkovich has been away at the OLYMPIC TRAINING CENTER for a 2 1/2 week training camp session and hopefully comes back stronger than ever….knowing her it is without doubt that she will!!!

Also 16 year old Daniel Wiitanen is preparing for the YOUTH WORLDS CHAMPIONSHIPS in SLOVAKIA…he leaves September 16th and competes on the 20th…that is all we know as of now…things are subject to change…but this is a huge feat for a 16 year old who rarely even gets to focus on any training at all to come out of nowhere and be the #2 ranked YOUTH LIFTER in the country!!! GOOD LUCK DANIEL!!!



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