Age IS Just a Number

It is a phrase we hear often, and yet so many people are willing to let themselves be limited by their age. At Thrush Sports Performance Center we have a wide variety of lifters, but no group sticks out to me as more impressive than our master lifters. Not only are they extremely committed and wise, but they go hard every time they are in the gym. The caliber of Calpian Master lifters is extremely high, with several going to the Masters American Open, Masters Nationals, and some to Masters Worlds even. This doesn’t mean the goal has to be a championship when you are 65, but they are just a fantastic representation of how much your health and well-being can be improved by pushing yourself in the sport of weightlifting.

Even though I know we have this great pool of Masters lifters, I want to single out one in this post. He is a relatively new Calpian, but he has been in the world of weightlifting for years. His name is Robert Arroyo and the guy is a 44 year old MACHINE. Even though he is 20 years older than me, he always knows how to push me and I am a better lifter for it. Today he brought in this awesome frame (shown below) with a collections of his medals and pictures of him from when he trained in Bulgaria. It is really inspiring to see the greatness he has achieved as a younger athlete, but even more impressive to see how well he is doing now, after all of these years.

Below is a video of Robert’s training today. At 44 years old he still has incredible speed, control, and mental toughness. We know that Rob is at a level that challenges the US Masters Records, Snatching 110kg and Clean and Jerking 130kg on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to be at this level to benefit from the greatness that is Olympic style weightlifting. If you watch the video, I want you to see a great athlete, but I also think it is important to highlight that he is doing something he loves and benefits from it in many facets of his life. If you have considered lifting, but you think you are too old or just don’t have faith in your abilities, remember that everyone starts somewhere and success can happen in any stage of your life!


6 thoughts on “Age IS Just a Number

  1. Fletcher I’m honored and humbled for the article. Thanks for the great workout and I’m looking foward to train with your again. 🙂

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