Ok weightlifting enthusiasts, we know this is pretty short notice, but Thrush Sports Performance Center has decided to throw another meet this coming up February! The 2014 BIG MOUNTAIN SENIOR & JUNIOR OPEN WEIGHTLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held on February 22nd, 2014! That is just a sort 4 weeks from now so PLEASE get your entry blanks in ASAP! Read carefully as we have made some changes to the start list in comparison to our last few meets i.e. weight class changes and times! We look forward to seeing everyone there!


62174_10101839210389538_1426465272_nAlso dont forget to send your good luck vibes and wishes to junior lifter Daniel Wiitanen and Coach John Thrush as they head out to the Junior Nationals next weekend where is prime and looking to hit some serious weights!


2013 American Opens

4 Calpians will be competing in the 2013 American Opens coming up December 5th-9th. Lets wish them all a huge good luck and pray for save travels and great lifting!  I know they will all appreciate all of your support and thanks! Here is a list of each Calpian and when they are scheduled to lift incase you want to watch them on the live feed! Remember Dallas, Texas is 2 hours ahead of Washington state!


Paula Arand: as a 58kg 0r 63kg lifter she got lucky and both lift at the same time so saturday night at 730pm (530pm our time)


Ryan Reiss: 85kg lifter will lift friday night at 6pm (4pm our time)


Jeff Serven: 94kg lifter will lift friday at 330pm (130pm our time)


Trique Meininger: 77kg lifter will lift saturday morning at 10am (8am our time)


2014 Chris Dariotis Memorial Weightlifting Championships Jan. 4th, 2014

Next up for the Calpians and Thrush Sports Performance Center weightlifting meets is the Annual Chris Dariotis Memorial Weightlifting Championships!  This meet will be held on Jan, 4th, 2014 so lets get the NEW YEAR started off with a big bang! We usually get a group/team from Canada that travels down to compete which makes it all the more exciting! Here is the entry blank and we look forward to seeing everyone again!


Robbie Arroyo with a Masters National Record Snatch of 122kg at 85kg weight class!

robbie 122kg snatch



October 19th is getting close and that means its time for the annual 2013 WASHINGTON OPEN WEIGHTLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS! This will be the 77th year of this meet which makes it one of the oldest continually happening meets in the country! I will be posting the entry blank here and on our website! Invite anyone you want and we look forward to yet another great weightlifting meet! Ask any questions here and we will see you soon!


empty-gym.jpgTHE PLACE TO BE ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!


If you’re a serious weightlifting afficianado (and really, who isn’t?), you need to be attending the 2013 Bad Mother Open Weightlifting Championships this Saturday at Thrush Sports Performance.  This traditional annual meet is held every summer and is the most fun you’ll have getting vertical!!!!!

Keep The Tradition!!!!!!!

This Saturday the Calpian WLC and Thrush Sports Performance will he hosting the 18th Annual Bad Mother Open!!!  This legendary summer meet has been attended by athletes from all over the United States.  Many National Champions have taken part.  This year is expected to be “HOT”!!!!!  The weather will be hot, the athletes will be hot and the lifting will be cookin’!!!  Come out and join the fun starting at 10:00 and lasting all day.  What could be more fun that good weather and weightlifting?

2013 bad Mother Open Championships!

Alright everyone, its that time of the year again! The 2013 Bad Mother Open Championships are just around the corner.  Here is the Entry Blank, Please get them turned in ASAP!  On your Entry Blank please also state your T-shirt size clearly so we can make sure to have your size! Any questions you might have please address them to our email at calpiansweightlifting@gmail.com or on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Thrush-Sports-Performance/109980862346248

2013 Bad Mother open Championships