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2012 Bad Mother Open Championship July 21st (Videos of some of the lifters)


Andrew McCabe

Katy Leslie

Andrew Stranack

Dave Rief

TSPC High School Athletes:

At Thrush Sports Performance Center (TSPC) we work with athletes of all sports with the intention and purpose of making each individual athlete bigger, faster and stronger, or a combo of the three! High school track season has just ended and we are proud to announce and congratulate all of the athletes we’ve had the pleasure to help and watch grow into an even better one! Here is a list of the high school track athletes and their accomplishments this year at high school state! We are very proud to have been a part of this no matter how big or small and look forward to getting you all back in the gym to help prepare you for the next step!

Congratulations to all of the Thrush Sports Performance Track Athletes who dominated at the Star Track 3A and 4A State Track Championships.  All their hard work throughout the past prep season ended up producing tremendous results and success.  They are as follows:

CeCe Jackson  1st Place 3A 100 Hurdles and  300 hurdles.

Kennadi Bouyer 1st Place 4A 100 Meter Dash and 200 Meter Dash and 4X100 Meter Relay

Brandi Williams 1st Place 4A Long Jump, 2nd Place 100 Meter Dash, and 3rd Place 200 Meter Dash

Brittni Williams 3rd Place 4A Long Jump

(I literally searched for over an hour staight for pics of Brittni to post on here but i found nothing except one that was copywritten so there is the link…hope it works )

Rachel O’Neil  1st Place  4A 100 Meter Hurdles

Kira Perkins  1st Place  4A 4X100 Relay and 1st Place 4×200 Relay

Tatum Taylor 1st Place 3A 100 Meter Dash and 3rd Place 200 Meter Dash (Season Best 10.39 100 Meter)

CeCe,  Kennadi, Brandi, Brittni and Tatum all are back next year to defend their championsips.

Images of CALPIAN lifters and all other Athletes trained at TSPC (if you have some pics you’d like posted just let us know):


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