October 19th is getting close and that means its time for the annual 2013 WASHINGTON OPEN WEIGHTLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS! This will be the 77th year of this meet which makes it one of the oldest continually happening meets in the country! I will be posting the entry blank here and on our website! Invite anyone you want and we look forward to yet another great weightlifting meet! Ask any questions here and we will see you soon!




The 2013 Bad Mother Open is in the record books with the biggest attendance ever!!   Sixty-four athletes came together to do battle with the iron on Saturday, August 24th at Thrush Sports Performance in Sumner, Washington.  The meet was filled with many fine performances, such  as Junior Best Lifter 17 year old  Daniel Wiitanen’s excellent 141 Kgs. C&J done having had football practice just prior to the meet that morning.  This Calpian lifter has just traveled internationally as a member of the previous two United States World Youth Championship teams.  Also a highlight was the terrific Calpian Master lifter Robert Arroyo who established a new national standard in the snatch of 122 Kgs. at the young age of 46.  Robert recently proudly represented the Calpian WLC and the United States in winning the Pan American Championships in Chicago.  Weightlifting in the Northwest is on the upswing and Thrush Sports Performance is very happy to be part of bringing this wonderful sport to a larger audience.  Happily, the Crossfit phenomenon is sparking the interest in weightlifting as athletes look for ways to improve technique.  This seems to lead them invariably to competition and greater appreciation and growth in our sport.  We openly welcome all these new competitors and look forward to many excellent competitions like the Bad Mother.  By way of information to file away, next year will be the 20th anniversary of the Bad Mother, and we are hoping, and planning, to return the meet to the outdoors like the originals.  Please plan to be part of this historical, nationally known competition!!!!!!!


Leonard Harison, stalwart Calpian 94 Kgs. lifter will have break through competition this Saturday at the Bad Mother open!!!  Come out and support Leonard as he prepares for the American Open in December in Dallas!!!

empty-gym.jpgTHE PLACE TO BE ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!


If you’re a serious weightlifting afficianado (and really, who isn’t?), you need to be attending the 2013 Bad Mother Open Weightlifting Championships this Saturday at Thrush Sports Performance.  This traditional annual meet is held every summer and is the most fun you’ll have getting vertical!!!!!

Keep The Tradition!!!!!!!

This Saturday the Calpian WLC and Thrush Sports Performance will he hosting the 18th Annual Bad Mother Open!!!  This legendary summer meet has been attended by athletes from all over the United States.  Many National Champions have taken part.  This year is expected to be “HOT”!!!!!  The weather will be hot, the athletes will be hot and the lifting will be cookin’!!!  Come out and join the fun starting at 10:00 and lasting all day.  What could be more fun that good weather and weightlifting?

The Royal Family of Weightlifting Visits TSPC

The Goad Family

The Goad family visited Thrush Sports Performance Center this week so that daughter, Sydney, could complete her training for Nationals in two weeks. Her father Dean, a long time Calpian, is a five time National Champion and medal winner in international competition. Her mother, Robin, is an eight time National Champion, World Champion, and World Record Holder. Her brother, Deano, is a top ranked youth wrestler and won his division at the recent National Youth Championships. Her sister, Rubilynn, is just beginning to lift and is an accomplished gymnast like her sister. It’s really gratifying to have them visit and to see that Calpian Weightlifting lives on in their children.