2012 Bad Mother Open Championships:


48 kg (106 lb)

1st Place – Deanna Zhang 81kg total

53 kg (117 lb)

1st Place – Rachel Shepard 95kg total

2nd Place – Anna Choi 71kg total

58 kg (128 lb)

1st Place – Brigid Hamill 139kg total

2nd Place – Joan Greve 126kg total

3rd Place – Diana Shaw 120kg total

63 kg (139 lb)

1st Place – Ashley Perkovich 196kg total

2nd Place – Lindsey Knight – 132kg total

3rd Place – Aileah Dorn 104kg total

69 kg (152 lb)

1st Place – Sarah Skinner 160kg total

2nd Place – Erin Tieder 159kg total

3rd Place – Alexandra Seal 148kg total

75 kg (165 lb)

1st Place – Kim Weaver – 146kg total

2nd Place – Roselle Iryburg 144kg total

3rd Place – Cindy Ubilla – 101kg total

75+ kg (165+lb)

1st Place – Kathy Humphrey 118kg total

2nd Place – Lisa Thill 111kg total

3rd Place – April Gleason 99kg total


56 kg (123 lb) No Lifters

62 kg (137 lb)

1st Place – Jordan Stewart 146kg total

69 kg (152 lb)

1st Place – Mason Ostrom 200kg total

2nd Place – Roby “Ramin” Robinson 186kg total

3rd Place – Peter Hong 167kg total

77 kg (170 lb)

1st Place – Trique with a 259kg total

2nd Place – Matt Sisley 236kg total

3rd Place – Quinn Hennoch 208kg total

85 kg (187 lb)

1st Place – Chris Heinig 266kg total

2nd Place – Mike Ng – 245kg total

3rd Place – Trevor McKinnon 235kg total

94 kg (207 lb)

1st Place – Dave Rief 311kg total

2nd Place – Leonard Harison 277kg total

3rd Place – Robert Arroyo 246kg total

105 kg (231 lb)

1st Place – Tim Biesendorfer 232kg total

2nd Place – Zach Rynders 222kg total

3rd Place – David Johnson 166kg total

4th Place – Terry Beers 160kg total

105+ kg (231+lb)

1st Place – Fletcher Pierce 288kg total

2nd Place – David Chow 250kg total


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